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LOCTITE® Sample Adhesives

LOCTITE® Sample Adhesives
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LOCTITE® 460™ is a thin, fast curing glue used as an alternative to wax for adhering samples to Pyrex for TEM/FIB thinning and other applications, and is soluble in acetone. The LOCTITE® 454 is a thicker gel that produces a strong, instant bond. LOC-TITE 460 SAFETY DATA SHEETLOC-TITE 454 SAFETY DATA SHEET

Item# Item Name Qty Add
71-40045G LOCTITE® 454™ Gel, 3 gram tube
71-40045 LOCTITE® 460™ Liquid, 20 g tube

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This product can be used with mounting accessories offered by Allied and other manufacturers. Browse our machines >>

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